Vision statement

We strive to be the company the main company in our field within the shores of Canada and beyond..

Mission statement

Now, Advanced Specialised Solutions is at the point of exploding to its full potential..


Our core values are to be diligent, honest, prompt and respectful bearing in mind that we exist to fulfil..

About Us

A leading company in the world of telecommunications.

Advanced Specialized Solutions is a leading company in the world of telecommunications established in 1998 by specialists and professionals in the field with many years of experience in the world of business management and the telecom industry, in addition to a team that includes our intelligence experts who integrate talent and technology, to keep your mission secure and your business moving forward.

Advanced's  journey began through the kolbim company, which was specialized in transiting international voice, and which managed to conclude direct connectivity contracts with major international Teir-1 companies and mobile operators to become one of the significant companies in Canada.

What We Do

The Services we Provide for Our Customers .


Advanced Specialized has established its position in the market for years as a Tier-1 voice carrier connected to most of the mobile operators in Canada


Our messaging services include A2P, P2P, P2A, Two-way Messaging, Enterprise Messaging, Bulk Messaging, Promotional Services..

Gateway Management

Advanced Specialized Solutions offers you Voice and SMS Gateway Management solutions targeting Mobile Network Operators..

Communication Channels

As part of its reselling and partnership programs, Advanced Specialized has partnered with multiple vendors to provide different communication channels

Business Messaging

Communicate with your audience from your verified business accounts to send both your promotional and transactional messages.

Professional Services

What distinguishes our team is the diversity of specializations and expertise they have in different fields in addition to the technical talents ..

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What Makes Us Tick?

We Bring you Closer

Whether you’re a small operator or a large multinational, we can execute your international voice and SMS needs quickly and securely, no matter how complex they are.

Your calls are safe

Your business is important, which is why we partner with trusted incumbents, mobile operators, and Tier 1 operators to provide reliable and secure connections.

We've got your back

Our carrier-neutral data centers are built with robustness and high availability. They are constantly monitored around the clock by advanced tools.

fraud Alert

Network Security Management

Our tools represent cutting-edge anti-fraud systems on the telecom market.

At the core of our system lies our unparalleled expertise in voice & SMS traffic, gained over decades of experience.

To maintain network security and be able to rapidly detect possible fraud attempts or network intrusion we use software that ensures 24x7 monitoring, analysis and security management. The system is based on hardware and software. 

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